Music Copyright gets a helping hand from Volunteers for Carnival 2018

    A recently-signed MOU is expected to contribute to more evidence-based distribution of royalties for Carnival 2018. This Memorandum of Understanding between the Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) and the Volunteer Center of Trinidad and Tobago (VCTT) was signed on Friday 12thJanuary, 2018 at the COTT Head Office, Abercromby Street, Port of Spain.

    COTT Congratulates Winsford 'Joker' DeVine & Andrew 'Lord Superior' Marcano

    The Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) congratulates Andrew ‘Lord Superior’ Marcano, Honorary Doctor of Letters (DLitt) COTT Member for 32 years and Winsford ‘Joker’ DeVine, Honorary Doctor of Letters (DLitt) COTT Member for 22 years on receiving Honorary Degrees for their priceless contributions to Music and the Arts.

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Did you Know?

  • COTT is home to the best names in music of Trinidad and Tobago
  • COTT is only local music collecting society that represents the works of international songwriters through reciprocal agreements with international collecting agencies
  • COTT represents all types of music
  • Once you use music in your business or event, the law requires you to seek permission from the owners of the works. COTT represents these owners and will grant permission for the use of music.
  • COTT is a non-profit, non governmental, collective management organisation
  • Prior to the establishment of COTT, The Performing Right Society Limited (PRS) of the UK operated an agency in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • If you need a license for your business or event, most likely you would need a COTT license
  • COTT represents the works of over 2,000 local songwriters, composers, lyricists and music publishers of all genres in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • COTT is the only local music collecting society recognised by CISAC, the global umbrella body for collective management organisations.
  • If you want to use music in an advertisement, most likely you would need COTT’s permission to do so
  • COTT is members-owned
  • COTT was the first national collecting society to be established in the Caribbean and began operating in 1985.
  • As a COTT member you will enjoy discounts at selected merchants nationwide.
  • COTT collects and distributes royalties to its members from international societies
  • If you’re using music on your website, you should seek permission for use of that music
  • COTT’s Board of Directors comprises of its members
  • When producing a cd / album, you must license all cover songs listed on the album
  • COTT is a strong advocate against anti-piracy
  • Anyone or entity producing a film or documentary using music should obtain a synchronisation license from COTT. These musical works belong to the creators of the work; these creators may be members of COTT and its international affiliates.
  • COTT is the guardian of its member works that it represents
  • You should check COTT first to license your event
  • COTT fights for the rights of its members
  • It is illegal to use a sound recording sample in the creation of a song without clearance from the creators of the original piece of music.
  • COTT does not copyright or publish music
  • COTT honours the success of its members
  • COTT is the founding member of the Caribbean Copyright Link (CCL), the umbrella body for the collecting societies in the Caribbean.
  • The cost of a mechanical license for audio products (cds, dvds, albums) is based on the amount of products manufactured and not sold.
  • The use of music without permission from the owners is an infringement of the owner’s right and the law. Owners can take legal action against persons who used their works without their permission.
  • Music contains many rights, e.g. master rights, recording rights,
  • All rights should be cleared by the song’s owners prior to use.
  • COTT represents most rights for its members and should be contacted when music is used on a website, in an advertisement, at an event or business place.
  • All broadcasters need a license from COTT
  • All websites that use music should enquire if you need to obtain a license from COTT so as to not infringe.
  • Broadcasters are obligated to submit logs/music playlists to COTT on a monthly basis.
  • Not all broadcasters pay the same license.
  • Broadcasters’ license fees are based on the talk-to-music ratio.
  • COTT employees are dedicated to the economic benefit of its members and affiliates
  • Anyone or entity producing an advertisement using music should obtain a synchronisation license from COTT. These musical works belong to the creators of the work; these creators may be members of COTT and its international affiliates.
  • Broadcasters need to obtain two licenses from COTT; a broadcast and mechanical license.
  • Anyone taking footage for an event capturing audio needs a license from COTT.
  • The only situations that are exempted from using a license are when music is used for educational purposes or at a religious event.

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